What’s Happening


CS-Link is enhanced on a regular basis via upgrades and the addition of new modules. This section highlights what upgrades and/or go-lives are on the horizon. Click the buttons to view the content.


This section highlights ongoing CS-Link initiatives. Click the buttons to view the content.

    Community Physician Offices

    Cedars-Sinai is pleased to offer CS-Link™ to its credentialed independent physicians for use in their private offices.


    HealthLoop is a patient engagement platform that helps physicians stay in touch with their patients.

    Healthy Planet

    Healthy Planet is a CS-Link module that enables providers to improve quality and decrease the cost of care for their patient populations.


    lifeIMAGE, an Outside Image Management System, is available to assist you with uploading outside CD images and scans.

    Meaningful Use

    Federal program professionals who are “meaningful users” of an electronic health record system.


    A focused effort, lead by the CS-Link Operations Optimizations Liaisons (COOL team), to optimize CS-Link and its use.

    Patient Engagement

    This section covers patient engagement related to efforts-particularly the patient portal called My CS-Link.

    Service Center: Phase 2

    New Service Center tools for end-users for reporting an issue, requesting a product, service or information. Replaces CARS and EISR.

    Widescreen View

    The CS-Link Widescreen View enables ambulatory clinicians to chart more efficiently, with fewer clicks and less scrolling.